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Wanting to make the most of your bod?

Training is offered in a number of formats, so there is sure to be one that suits you.

We understand the importance of providing a holistic programme that takes into account your lifestyle, and is sustainableover time. We'll help you get to your goals - efficiently, effectively and with energy to spare.

Talk to us about your personal training needs and let us provide the solution.

If you’re looking for a Personal Trainer who can provide you with effective, fun and proven programmes and guidance, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our list of services below to see how we can help.

Introducing Mybod Metabolic Burn


Exercise is a form of STRESS on your body.  STRESS = CORTISOL.  Too much cortisol and you start to hold fat around your middle.  Research shows that after 20min of steady state cardio, cortisol production shoots up.  HELLO MUFFIN TOP.

So, let's get TIME EFFECTIVE, get a METABOLIC BURN that will last the rest of the day, BUILD MUSCLE and strength and keep your cortisol controlled to DROP FAT!



5 weeks

3x 15min metabolic burn sessions (4 weeks) followed by 3x 15min mobiliser/recovery sessions (1 week)

2x 30min pre-requisite sessions:  basic technique, effective warm up and cool down (you must be able to complete basic and high impact exercises safely and competently)

Periodised over 5 weeks including a low volume week to keep your body guessing, provide optimum recovery and ensure you don't burn out.

Sessions start on time and you are expected to perform your own warm up and cool down


Adrenal Fatigue and Food Sensitivity Testing to see what we're really up against and strategy tailored around your results (allow 5 weeks for results to be delivered)

1 on 1 30min coaching sessions focusing on recovery and nutrition


Choose 1 on Mon, Wed and Fri - Max 3 people per session

Monday 12.45pm, 1.40pm

Wednesday 12.45pm, 1.40pm

upward_dog.jpgFriday 12.45pm, 1.40pm


$250 for 5 weeks, paid up front


26 Jan - 27 Feb

Services We Provide...

  • One on One Training
  • Group Training
  • Weekend Escapes
  • Corporate Training

We provide Personal Training services to the Wellington Area

Why Work With Us?

  • Personalised Goal Orientated Training
  • Weight loss orientated
  • Quick Effective Workouts
  • Fun Friendly Trainers
  • Always Available for Nutrition Advice
At MyBod Health and Fitness, we pride ourselves on helping you find the best way to your goals.  If you need Personal Training, we can help.

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