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with MyBod In Motion

Online Bodyweight Group Training Programme

LIVE on Zoom – Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 – 6.45am NZT

11 June – 18 July 2024

Are you someone who exercises regularly, maybe doing group fitness classes or weights, and while you’re fit and strong, lately, it feels like some everyday movements aren’t as effortless as they used to be?

Like…. You remember it being easier to put on your shoes and do up your laces, get up and down from the floor, or maybe you’re feeling a bit stiff in your back and hips after sitting for a while?

Or, you’ve been exercising the same way for a while but now you’re getting a little bored and you want to try something different?

Introducing Mybod In Motion, your ticket to a new level of ease and vitality!

My live online bodyweight group training programme is designed for busy professionals like you who want more from their workouts.

Why MyBod In Motion?

  • Effortless Transformation: Say goodbye to stiffness and hello to fluidity in your movements. Experience the joy of feeling truly alive in your body again.

  • Join a Vibrant Group: Connect with others just like you who are also on a journey to reclaim their physical freedom.

  • Convenient and Flexible: Get your workout done first thing in the morning, from the comfort of your own home. No more gym commutes, no fancy equipment required! All sessions are recorded so you can do them in your own time or repeat them at your leisure.

  • Exciting Variety: Break free from workout boredom with dynamic routines that keep you engaged and excited to move every day.

Are you ready to redefine your movement experience?

Don’t wait any longer - take the next step towards a stronger, more agile you.
Join Mybod In Motion now and reclaim movement freedom.

Hi, I’m Rae

I’ve been a Movement and Functional Health Coach since 2003. Before that, I was a lawyer, I was exhausted, in pain and needing something else, so I took the plunge, re-trained and here I am to help you be your best, most healthiest self.

Join me in Mybod In Motion to make everyday movements free more effortless and smooth. Let’s improve balance and mobility and build strength at every angle so you can move through your day more easily, feeling better in your body.


What's included?

  • 12 Live Workouts: Join me live on Zoom and work out with me for 6 weeks from 11 June to 18 July. Sessions are Tuesday and Thursday 6 – 6.45am NZT. Tuesdays are more strength and cardio based and Thursdays mobility focused, however this may also feel like strength at times. No equipment needed, its all bodyweight work, we’ll be loading the upper body with ground-based movements and focusing on multi-directional training to build balance, strength and mobility.

  • Recordings Delivered to your Inbox: All workouts will be recorded and delivered to your inbox before 12noon the same day

  • Private Facebook Page: All workouts will also be available on the private Facebook page for easy reference including the complete library of workouts from previous rounds of Mybod In Motion – there’s enough there to keep you going for 20 weeks!

  • BONUS Managing your Energy Guide: As we progress through the weeks your workouts will hit your inbox with bonus Guidelines. Topics change each round and this time we’re focusing on Managing your Energy to perform at your best through the day, saying goodbye to that mid-afternoon energy slump and cravings.

Mybod In Motion LIVE Online Group Training

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11 June to 18 July Live on Zoom - Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-6.45am NZT