The MyBod Mission:

I want to help you operate at your optimal level of health.

Being 'healthy' is not just about how you look or losing weight. Health and wellbeing is about enjoying life, and having the capacity to enjoy life.

We need incorporate not only the physical, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual. To do this, we need to go beyond exercise and think about sleeping well, moving better, good food choices and mental wellbeing.

I want you to be in the best position you can be to handle your day-to-day demands and maintain a lifestyle that's sustainable for you - and that's very individual.

Intelligent personal training, health and wellness.

Mybod is about training smarter, not harder.


About me:

I’ve taken an unlikely path to personal training and wellness coaching, graduating with a myriad of completely unrelated qualifications: Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts majoring in politics and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Environmental Studies. After trying to change the world (or at least the country) by working in Parliament for 3 years for New Zealand’s first Rastafarian MP, I took a year off and got a ‘fun’ job at the gym. I’ve been there ever since. Oh, I also spent 3 years as a lawyer too, while being a personal trainer at the same time.

I’ve taught aspiring personal trainers at the New Zealand Institute of Sport in the past and I’m committed to my own ongoing professional development.

My main areas of interest are the impact of stress on mental and physical wellness and weight loss, the interface between personal and environmental health and managing sustainable healthy lifestyles.


  • Kaizen Advanced Health Coach
  • CHEK Practitioner
  • FMA Strength Trainer
  • 2012 and 2015 NZ Exercise Industry Awards Finalist, Personal Trainer of the Year Award

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