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Personalised Movement Coaching

1on1-trainingAre you exercising lots and lots, eating less and less and not seeing the results you expect given the effort you’re putting in?

Personalised movement coaching is for you.

We’ll take a holistic approach to your programme, focusing on improving health and energy through exercise, nutrition and lifestyle interventions to get the results you want on the outside.

I have a range to tools available like epigenetic profiling, adrenal dysfunction and food sensitivity testing and blood chemistry analysis to make your programme personalised specifically for you.


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Small Group Training

animalflow1Small Group training is a cost effective option if you’re looking at general fitness and weight loss goals.

You can also complement your Personalised Movement Coaching sessions with a Small Group session.

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Workplace Wellness

Let me help with your workplace wellness programme to reduce stress levels, cut down on sick days, increase productivity and happiness.

I provide

  • holistic movement progammes,
  • presentations and workshops on aspects of stress and energy management, behavioural change and  functional wellness,
  • personalised health packages,
  • adrenal dysfunction testing and
  • individualised action plans.

Wellbeing programmes within a business or corporate setting are Fringe Benefit Tax exempt thanks to IRD and Exercise NZ if you use the services of a SMEAEP Endorsed exercise provider.

Contact me to discuss a plan to enable your team to be a happier, healthier unit that works more productively together.

I’ve got you covered nationwide.

More about the SMEAEP programme here

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Lifestyle Reset

springIf you’ve been dieting since your teenage years and exercising like mad, the basic calories in/calories out equation says the results should be clear. If you’re not seeing the results you expect given the time, effort and sacrifice you’ve put in, it could be that it’s more complicated than simply calories in/calories out.

Instead of focusing on losing weight to get healthy, we need to focus on getting healthy to lose weight.

The Mybod Lifestyle Reset programme uses epigenetic profiling, adrenal dysfunction and food sensitivity testing protocols to assess your current state and inform the direction of your Reset, taking into account the CHEK Foundation Principles:

  • Thoughts
  • Breathing
  • Hydration
  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Sleep

I also incorporate nutrition and lifestyle guidelines, blood chemistry analysis and stress reduction techniques to address lifestyle and mental emotional stressors as well as considering environmental and metabolic challenges to provide an integrated approach.

Lifestyle Reset is a 12 week programme that aims is to give you the tools to maintain a sustainable healthy lifestyle that’s individual to you.

More about food sensitivity testing

More about adrenal dysfunction testing

I completed Rae’s 12 week Lifestyle Reset Program. My journey through it was so rewarding. I am grateful to Rae for the amazing guidance and support she gave me throughout. The program is full of information, nutrition plans, resource guides, recipes and a lot more. It was a life changing program for me. I finally managed, with the help of the program and Rae to make huge changes to my life. It helped me to work through mental and emotional issues, in turn that enabled me to help make a change to my weight. I lost about 10kg while on the program, and it did not feel like I was on a ‘diet’. I have still continued to lose weight, even after the program has finished. More importantly, I have been left with a much more positive outlook to life, and lots of resources to carry on.


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