Personalise your Health

When it comes to being ‘healthy’ there’s so many ways to go about it – how do you know what to do?

  • 6 meals a day or intermittent fasting?
  • Endurance cardio, heavy weights or short HIIT sessions?
  • Plant-based, paleo or gluten-free eating?

Have you ever wondered why, when it comes to health and fitness, one strategy can work so well for someone you know, but when you try it, the results just aren’t the same?

We’re all unique and to be in our best health, we all need different things.

We inherit our genes and while there are some things we can’t change, there are others that we can.

Epigenetics is the science of switching on and off specific genes through lifestyle and environmental choices. By understanding your unique epigenetic profile, we can take the guess work out of predicting what works best for you, get rid of generic health and wellness programmes and tailor your plan specifically for you.

There’s no 1 size fits all anymore, we’ve entered the age of Personalised Health.

Taking into account 15 layers of science, 2 decades of research and over 20,000 case studies, our epigenetic profiling platform assimilates all this knowledge and research to find the commonalities amongst 6 basic Health Types and developed algorithms to predict what works best given your specific body measurements.

Here's what's included

Your Epigenetic programme includes:

  • Personalised online epigenetic self-assessment
  • 1 year access to your online profile
  • BONUS 30min Zoom or Skype consultation with Rae

Your online profile includes:

  • Exercise and food recommendations, timing and recipes specific to you
  • Environmental considerations for optimal health
  • Insights into mindset, social settings and career strengths

Plus Bonus 30min Zoom or Skype consultation with Rae to:

  • Understand how to use your profile to get best results
  • Understand your priority areas for best health outcomes
  • Set your action plan for success

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About Your Coach, Raewyn Ng:

Rae is a Movement and Wellness Coach committed to helping people make sustainable lifestyle changes to improve their health, energy and happiness. With a background in Law and Politics before moving into the health and wellness space in 2003, Rae has a special interest in the impact of stress on mental and physical wellness and weight loss and the interface between personal and environmental health.