Spring Rejuvenation

If you’re thinking about summer fitness, think about this:

What’s your WHAT? Whats the goal? To get there you’ll need to be clear where you’re going.

What’s your WHY?  Set your goal and then articulate why you want this.  If your WHY resonates with you, you’re halfway there.

What’s your HOW?  Make a plan and get started.  Think small achievable steps, anticipate what may derail you and what you can do to avoid this.

If you’re still a little stuck for some springtime inspiration consider these:

1 Train outside – soak up the vitamin D (on a good day), take in our amazing city and get a change of scene from the gym.  I’ll be training some clients outdoors this summer, so if this is something you’re keen to do, talk to me!

2 Join a group – exercise shared is exercise halved, or something.  Time goes faster, there’s someone else to keep you company or entertain you and it’s just more fun.  If you’re a little bored with training on your own and you’d like to join a group, I have some regular group training times with a few gaps at the moment.

3 Try something different – a new class or activity could catch your imagination – what have you always wanted to try and never have? What’s stopping you now?

4 Find an event – I’m not a big one for events, but if you’ve got something in mind, talk to me and we can make a plan for you or find someone to help you!

If you’ve been wanting to reformulate your health goals, if you’re feeling like you’re not getting where you want to be, I’m always available to talk through your options.in-the-fields