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What’s Your WHY?

This is the thing I most want to know about when you come and talk to me about your goals. Read More

Why small group training is right for you

Reasons to consider semi-private training Read More

Exercise as punishment vs exercise as play

Exercise shouldn’t be the thing we ‘have to’ do to ‘make up’ for that burger, bottle of wine or chocolate bar Read More

Sticking to your goals

‘Why didn’t I become that better version of me that I promised myself?’ Read More

Exercise – punishment or play?

Are you putting off your exercise because its no fun? Read More

Uninspired by Fitspiration

We all need a little motivation or inspiration to exercise, do healthy stuff and look after ourselves better. Read More

Making change stick

It’s often said it takes 21 – 28 days to form a habit. If you’ve ever tried to make, break or change a habit, and chances are you have, you’ll know there’s more to it than that. Read More

Healthy Living Fatigue

How do you choose between paleo or vegan, intermittent fasting or elimination diets, high intensity intervals or lengthy endurance sessions? Read More

Being Better in 2016

I’m sure you’ve noticed that every year we make these plans and every year they seem to just slip away from us and each January we start again. So how can it be different this year? Read More