Spring into exercise

The longer days of spring are finally here, and with that comes a renewed energy to ‘get back into’ exercise for many people.  If you’re thinking about starting a new wellness or fitness routine, this is the easiest time to do it.  And its not surprising really when you think that in nature, spring brings new life blossoming and new energy following a winter of rest and restoration.  It makes sense that this is how we also feel in our bodies too.

So if you’re wanting to build (or rebuild) a new routine, consider the following to make things more manageable, sustainable and enjoyable:

  • There’s no ‘right’ way to get active – the best exercise is the one you’re going to stick to and you’re more likely to stick to it if you like it. If the gym or running or yoga etc is not your thing, choose something that is – don’t feel like there’s a certain type of exercise you ‘should’ do.
  • Get outside – get some Vitamin D to support your mood and immune system and to get a change of scenery. If you’ve been getting caught up in your exercise statistics on your device and it’s not helping your motivation, ditch the device every now and then, stay present in your activity, take in the surroundings and enjoy it. You don’t always have to be goal-orientated.
  • Join a group or train with a friend – time goes faster, you get to catch up with people, support each other and it’s just more fun
  • Try something new – it may spark some inspiration and enthusiasm. What have you always wanted to try but never have? Despite what we see on social media, not everything has to be perfect, and it seems these days that we’re not so good at doing things we aren’t good at anymore, and potentially that’s stopping us from trying new things. Remember we all have to start somewhere, and that’s OK.