MyBod Summer Survival Guide

We’re starting to get into that busy end-of-year time and I find that for most people, looking after ourselves is often the first thing to go when the To Do list starts getting longer.

It’s ironic because we inherently know that we perform at our best when we feel good so why do we keep doing this to ourselves?  We really need to put ourselves first so we can do our best for others.

Incorporate these quick actions into each day as we head into the year end madness to keep everything under control.

  •  Start the day with lemon and warm water, apple cider vinegar or Swedish or Native Bitters to help your liver and digestive system to do its thing.
  • Be organised – sort out your food so you don’t get caught out and make poor choice. Schedule in your exercise time at the start of each week and make sure you’ve got your workout clothes ready so you can pop out for a bonus gym or yoga session or for a walk or run if the opportunity arises.
  • Drink more water – carry a drink bottle with you, and stay hydrated as the weather warms up.
  • Make sure you have some time to focus on yourself each day or do something you enjoy, it doesn’t have to be hours, even just a few minutes will do and it can be as simple as reading a book, walking the dog or enjoying a hot bath at the end of the day.
  • Spend a few minutes concentrating on taking long slow deep breaths (you could even close your eyes) to refocus your attention, relax your nervous system and gather your energy for your next task.
  • Get to sleep by 10pm for optimal physical repair and if you can sleep until 6am for optimal psychological repair.