He thought he was in no shape to exercise

Oftentimes I hear people say ‘oh when I get fitter I’ll get a coach or trainer’. Sometimes its seems like its been so long since you ‘exercised properly’ you don’t know where to start. If this is you, you might relate to this.

Matt thought he was in no shape to exercise.  In fact, his T shirt proclaimed it to be so.

Matt was in his mid50s, and his ultimate goal was to  be ‘fit for life’.  He wanted to increase strength and endurance, get more flexible so he could move better and increase his energy so he could do more. He turned up with dodgy knees, an injured shoulder and an expectation that exercise and movement sessions would leave him hurting.

Over time, we strengthened his knees so they weren’t a problem anymore, stabilised and restored movement in his shoulder and challenged his idea of what was needed to build strength by predominantly using body weight or moderate weights to get him strong in different angles and reactive enough to handle the challenges of mountain biking on difficult terrain. He’s moving better than ever and he’s even surprising some of the young ones on their bikes when he sails past.

And while there’s probably some room for improvements in diet and lifestyle given Matt’s a bit a of a social creature, he’s done pretty well for a guy that was in no shape to exercise.  Last year he completed the Tour Aotearoa cycle trail – 3000km from Cape Reinga to Bluff and next week he’s off again on the Kopiko Aotearoa – 1000km from East Cape to Taranaki.

If you’re struggling with pain or finding it hard to move, and you want to increase strength, flexibility and energy to be able to do the things you want, message me for a face to face chat to see how we can work together in my private studio in the central city.

If you want 2021 to be about improving your health but you think you’re in no shape to exercise, or you don’t know where to start, its not too late to get started.  I have limited spaces in my diary for new clients so let’s get together to see how I can help.