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What’s Your WHY?

This is the thing I most want to know about when you come and talk to me about your goals. Read More

The labels we give our foods and ourselves

Having that wine or chocolate bar, skipping that workout or sleeping in does not make you a bad person. Read More

Workaholic or working long hours

We all know working too much is not great for your health but there’s a difference between working long hours and being a workaholic Read More

Is bootcamp the answer?

It’s the dead of winter but you want results fast. A high intensity bootcamp seems to be an obvious answer. Read More

Exercise when you’re sick

You can feel yourself coming down with the sniffles – how do you know if it’s OK to exercise and sweat it out or if you should take a break? Read More

Barefoot Exercise

When our feet are in shoes all day we deprive them of sensory information and movement. Read More

Effects of binge watching TV

I’m the first one to say we all need a little time out to relax and rejuvenate, but I’d ask if your TV time is actually doing this for you, or if it’s a way to avoid or zone out from life. Read More

Were you ‘bad’ today?

The problem with considering our food, and ourselves, as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Read More