Christmas Busy-ness

christmas-decorationsWe all started the year, like every year, with the best of intentions to do things like live a healthy lifestyle, be ‘good’ and be this picture of wellness, energy and vitality.  This year was meant to be our best year, we were going to thrive and be amazing.  So what happened? And more importantly, what can we learn from it for next year?

At this time of year so many people are just so ‘busy’, they’re exhausted and just can’t cope anymore so something has to go – often its exercise, eating well or doing things to take care of ourselves. Or all of the above.

The question I’d like to ask is, will dropping your exercise, eating junk food or skipping your ‘me’ time put you in a better position to deal with your ‘busy-ness’?  Is it going to help you to be more efficient at getting things done? Will sacrificing your self-care routines in order to ‘have more time’ leave you with more energy and feeling better?

The answer, for me, seems obvious.

At Christmas we all seem to have so many demands placed on our time, attention and energy.  I’d argue that this is the most important time for us to be making extra effort to take care of ourselves – exercise or move appropriately, eat well, take ‘me’ time – so we can be in the best frame of mind to meet those demands.

Things to remember when you’re just too busy:

  • Exercise, movement and fresh air can help you refocus your thoughts and attention span.
  • What you eat affects your mood, energy levels and perspective, so if you’re eating crap, chances are you’ll be feeling crap. Plan your food for the day to avoid being caught out and making poor choices.
  • Getting to sleep by 10pm is optimal for physical repair, staying asleep til 6am is optimal for psychological repair.
  • Meditation promotes learning and memory and down-regulates fear, anxiety and stress responses.

Don’t let the busy-ness of Christmas stop you from taking care of yourself.