Being Better in 2016


Did you make a resolution at the new year to be a better, healthier more vibrant you?  Personally, I like to think of them as small sustainable lifestyle changes for any time of year but for simplicity, let’s just call them ‘resolutions’ here.  How’s it been going?  I’m sure you’ve noticed that every year we make these plans and every year they seem to just slip away from us and each January we start again.  So how can it be different this year?

If you find that life gets in the way of a healthier you, if you’re always looking to ‘get back into it’ or ‘get back to normal’ it’s time to change perspective.

Make your promises to yourself a reality this year with these 3 simple considerations:

Are you accountable for your actions?

Having an accountability partner – whoever that might be, friend, family, um… personal trainer or movement coach – who checks in regularly will help to keep you on track.

What’s your motivation?

I could send ‘fitspiration’ posts to you every day but if you don’t have a clear idea of what drives you to your goal, it’s going to get tiring and then you’ll give up.  Define your goal and what it means to you. Make process driven actions towards the goal – for example, you want to eat healthier, so you decide to have vegetables at every meal.  And then you do it.  Process based action goals are more tangible than outcome based goals and as you tick them off each week you’ll feel more in control and keep to your ‘resolution’.

Are your action steps achievable?

Setting unrealistic process action steps is unhelpful.  MAre your action steps achievable?ake them achievable and sustainable for your lifestyle.  You’ll feel better when you tick them off and you’re getting yourself closer to that goal each time.


Implement these 3 easy points and you’re on the way to that better, healthier, more vibrant you.

The bonus is, these points don’t just have to apply to health and fitness goals that you’d like to make, you can implement in any area of your life where you’d like to make improvements.