Being ‘in’ and ‘out’ of routine

upward dog

Exercise, nutrition and lifestyle all seem to go so well when you’re ‘in’ routine – you know what’s coming in the week ahead, you can plan accordingly, do your shopping and get your exercise in as planned.  But it’s inevitable that unexpected things happen in life and often all our carefully laid plans to look after ourselves are the first things to go.

Often people fall back on school holidays and work trips as things that pull us out of routine and as an explanation of why we didn’t complete the usual exercise routine or made ‘bad’ choices but if you’re finding as the year goes on that you’re more ‘out’ of routine than ‘in’ it, it might be time to reassess your approach.

We all know when school holidays come up, we get lots of warning and they happen every couple of months – if you have kids that go to school, school holidays ARE your routine, every year.  Knowing that, consider how you can plan around this and what you can do in preparation to make it easier.

Similarly, if you regularly travel for work, what will make it easier for you to stick to your usual habits?  Can you pack easy breakfast or snack options to save you from making less than ideal choices and take some of the ‘what am I going to eat’ stress away?  I like to take instant porridge sachets with me, it’s not my first choice at home but it’s easy to make, transportable and means I don’t have to think about breakfast.  I don’t want to deal with anyone before I have breakfast…

Do you pack your exercise gear?  Although there may be no gym at the hotel or close by, could you go for a walk, run, do some stretching, yoga or a bodyweight routine instead?  It doesn’t have to be last for hours, even just a 15minute walk can set you up for the day and you can feel good that you did some kind of movement while ‘out’ of routine.

It all comes back to your goals and motivations – if your goal is important to you, what are you willing to do to get there even when it seems like things are hard?  What is the thing motivating you towards your goal and what does it mean to you?  Sure, some time away and ‘out’ of routine can be a holiday from routine and that’s OK too, as long as you’re OK with being that little bit further away from that goal and you’ve made that conscious choice.