Gut health and your weight, mood and immune system

A diverse mix of gut bacteria is the key to staying lean.


How sleep affects your weight

If you’ve been steadily gaining weight over the last few years and you’re re struggling with your weight loss efforts, maybe it’s time to consider how your sleep quantity and quality may be affecting you.


The gut-brain connection

The gut is more than just the thing that absorbs and digests your food.


Shake it off

Taylor Swift was right. Sometimes we just need to shake it off.


Avoid a meltdown at work

We all have those times at work, no matter how controlled and even-tempered we might normally be where something, or someone, becomes too much


Benefits of a micro-vacation

Although a few weeks overseas is always a good thing, holidays don’t need to be big to have an impact on your health and happiness.


Is bootcamp the answer?

It’s the dead of winter but you want results fast. A high intensity bootcamp seems to be an obvious answer.


Set yourself up for success

According to Hal Elrod in The Morning Miracle, if you want a fulfilling and happy life, start with your morning routine.


Why calories don’t count

It’s true that if you consume fewer calories than you expend, weight loss happens. But the actual process of calorie counting is surprisingly inaccurate and totally flawed.