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Social Media Influencers

Ashy Bines sells the dream of the perfect body and makes it sound easy. Just follow the programme, get the clothes, use the shampoo and take the supplements.


Barefoot Exercise

When our feet are in shoes all day we deprive them of sensory information and movement.


The problem with reality TV

We’re fed a constant stream of images in media and advertising that objectifies bodies and tells us how we should look.


Have your own health retreat at home

A little self-care can go a long way and it doesn’t have to be expensive


Maintaining Weight Loss

Many people who lose significant amounts of weight find the reality of keeping that weight off challenging and end up regaining lost weight.


Handstands for Health

Everyone seems to be doing handstands these days and aside from being fun, there’s lots of good reasons to do them.

kids football

What’s up with kids half time sports snacks?

No matter what the advertising says, everyone knows lollies and sweets are simply empty sugar calories (artificial colour and flavour free or not) offering no nutritional value.


Exercise Addiction

Just because a little of something, like exercise, is good, it doesn’t necessarily mean more is better.


Effects of binge watching TV

I’m the first one to say we all need a little time out to relax and rejuvenate, but I’d ask if your TV time is actually doing this for you, or if it’s a way to avoid or zone out from life.