Set yourself up for success

According to Hal Elrod in The Morning Miracle, if you want a fulfilling and happy life, start with your morning routine.


Why calories don’t count

It’s true that if you consume fewer calories than you expend, weight loss happens. But the actual process of calorie counting is surprisingly inaccurate and totally flawed.

overtraining (1)

Are you overtraining?

While the majority of the population is in no danger of it, and typically it’s been the preserve of elite athletes, overtraining can be a problem amongst the hard core ‘go hard or go home’ type of exerciser.


Exercise when you’re sick

You can feel yourself coming down with the sniffles – how do you know if it’s OK to exercise and sweat it out or if you should take a break?


The Stretching Myth

While for some static stretching feels good, it’s not the most effective warm up.


How Nature Improves Our Health

In Japan they call it shinrin-yoku, a government initiative to encourage city dwellers into nature. Mostly, we know it as getting outside.


Is wellness just for the rich?

Does it have to cost lots to be healthy these days?

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Social Media Influencers

Ashy Bines sells the dream of the perfect body and makes it sound easy. Just follow the programme, get the clothes, use the shampoo and take the supplements.


Barefoot Exercise

When our feet are in shoes all day we deprive them of sensory information and movement.