Short Reads

Short Reads


Crash diets and cardiac issues – what’s the link?

Who hasn’t been on a diet or even tried some extreme calorie restricting regime? Mostly we do it to lose weight but are we potentially prioritising looking good over our overall health?


Improve your brain – go barefoot

We know that when we work our muscles they get stronger, and when we don’t work them, they weaken. It’s the same with the brain but what does this have to do with going barefoot?

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Do you need more willpower?

When it comes to health most of us already know what we need to do to get where we want to go. The problem seems to lie in the actual doing part and doing it consistently.

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How to maintain weight loss

You’ve managed to release the excess weight, but if you think the work is over and you can relax now and go back to ‘normal’, maybe think again.

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What to do about that lockdown weight gain

An ExerciseNZ study showed that over the last year to July, if you gained weight, you gained an average of 5.4kg – about 10 times the normal amount an adult would gain in a year.


Time to move

If you’re struggling to find time to get some movement in your day, here’s some news:  you don’t need to set aside an hour for exercise.  Or even half an hour. 


Taking time to recover

While many of us make a big effort ensure we exercise consistently, it’s important to remember that exercise is only one facet to improving health, fitness and wellbeing.


Getting down on the ground

The ability to get up and down from the floor is important for lots of reasons especially as we get older.

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Strength at every angle

Remember that life happens in all the angles in between

Make the first step now