Short Reads

Short Reads


The importance of recovery after exercise

Many of us feel guilty when we take a ‘day off’ from exercise, but getting enough rest is just as important as getting enough exercise when it comes to achieving your goals.


Being ‘in’ and ‘out’ of routine

Stuff happens in life and often all our carefully laid plans to look after ourselves are the first things to go.


Why are you self-sabotaging your health?

You really want to achieve your goals so why do you keep tripping yourself up?


Exercise – punishment or play?

Are you putting off your exercise because its no fun?


Reasons to stop working so much

Every hour you work over 40hours a week makes you less productive in both the short and long term


Why we should all climb mountains

Whether your mountain is physical or metaphorical isn’t really the point


Looking after your gut

If your digestive system is less than optimal, it can start to influence lots of other stuff in your body

bad good

Were you ‘bad’ today?

The problem with considering our food, and ourselves, as ‘good’ and ‘bad’


How stress holds you back

Recently I did a video for the Les Mills website on how stress holds you back from your weight loss goals.

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