Short Reads

Short Reads


Finding Motivation, Changing Habits

Finding what drives you is essential to maintaining motivation.


Guilt-Free Christmas

I could give you all the usual advice at this time of year about moderation, staying active and all that stuff you already know.


Stop Fitspiration!

Fitspiration has a lot to answer for. It really has got to stop.


My View on CrossFit

What’s the big deal anyway?

Happy young man breathing deep

The Art of Breathing

Have you ever noticed what happens to your breathing when you get stressed?


How Much Is Too Much?

I think we can agree that doing no activity is worse than doing some but doing too much could be THE worst.


What moves you?

Injuries tend to relate to joint function (and dysfuction). If you have a problem in one joint the joints above and below are likely to compensate to let you move.


That Desk Job Could be Killing You

Our sedentary lifestyles are shortening our lives more than we realised.


Workplace Productivity

If you don’t think you have enough time in your work day to exercise, think again

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