Short Reads

Short Reads


Meditate your way to health

Meditation changes your brain, behaviour and health.


Exercise While Sick

You can feel yourself coming down with the sniffles – how do you know if its OK to exercise and sweat it out or if you should take a break?


Why won’t the weight shift?

If you’ve been dieting since your teenage years and you’re exercising like mad the basic calories in/calories out equation says the results should be clear.


That Sugar Film

There’s so much information out there about what is ‘healthy’ it can be pretty confusing.


Fit and Healthy

For so long, my focus was about losing weight to be healthy, but now I realise we should be focusing on getting healthy and our weight will stabilise where it’s meant to.


Finding Motivation, Changing Habits

Finding what drives you is essential to maintaining motivation.


Guilt-Free Christmas

I could give you all the usual advice at this time of year about moderation, staying active and all that stuff you already know.


Stop Fitspiration!

Fitspiration has a lot to answer for. It really has got to stop.


My View on CrossFit

What’s the big deal anyway?

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