Short Reads

Short Reads


Autumn Health

Strategies for the changing season to keep us healthy


Exercise as part of your job?

Increasingly, scientists are studying, and we should be considering, the impact of exercise on the way we think and our performance at work.


Being Better in 2016

I’m sure you’ve noticed that every year we make these plans and every year they seem to just slip away from us and each January we start again. So how can it be different this year?


Christmas Busy-ness

We always start the year with the best intentions – be healthy, exercise and be this picture of wellness, energy and vitality. So what happened?


Summer Fitness, Bikini Bodies and Motivation

Its easy to get more active and focus on health when the warmer weather turns up, but how do we ensure we can keep this up?


Spring Rejuvenation

If you’re thinking about summer fitness, think about this


Meditate your way to health

Meditation changes your brain, behaviour and health.


Exercise While Sick

You can feel yourself coming down with the sniffles – how do you know if its OK to exercise and sweat it out or if you should take a break?


Why won’t the weight shift?

If you’ve been dieting since your teenage years and you’re exercising like mad the basic calories in/calories out equation says the results should be clear.

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