Autumn Health

So daylight saving just finished and its officially autumn.  I really love this time of year – fresh apples off the tree, autumn colours and a chance to slow down after all the activity that goes with summer and reflect as we settle into the year.

Here’s a few strategies for the changing season to keep us healthy going into winter:

Eat the colours of autumnautumn

At this time of year there’s heaps of colour in our fruit and vegetables and it’s time to ease off on the salads which are cooling on the body and move to warming foods like roasted vegetables and soups. Incorporate foods that are autumn colours – red, orange, yellow and dark green – capsicum, pumpkin, carrots, beets, oranges, lemons…

Traditional Chinese Medicine says yellow, orange and dark red vegetables help to make the transition through the seasons easier.

Get some sun

The days are getting shorter and cooler but remember to spend some time out in the sun when you can for vitamin D to keep our immune system strong, maintain healthy teeth and bones and regulate calcium and phosphorus absorption among other things.

Keep moving

It was so easy to get outside or to the gym in the summer but don’t stop exercising just because it’s getting colder and darker.  Stick to your routine but also listen to your body – you may feel more tired and your usual high intensity workout just doesn’t appeal, in which case choose a more gentle form of exercise – yoga, stretching, walking or body weight movement.  Keep moving to stay healthy rather than leaving it until late spring and making that mad dash to lose that 5kg.

Be mindful of your portion sizes

We always want to eat more as it gets colder, it’s just comforting… so pay attention to your food and ensure your portion sizes aren’t sneaking up.  Be mindful of how you’re feeling when you’re eating so you can stop when you’ve had enough. Oh, and watch out for that alcohol intake sneaking up on you too – it seems to catch many clients out over the colder months.

Me time

The shorter days and longer nights make this the perfect time to take time to look after yourself and relax, enjoy a cup of tea and a book or a movie without the guilt. It will help to consolidate your energy and rejuvenate to stay healthy.

Put these into action to keep healthy, strong and vibrant over the next few months.