She was in constant pain

Aches and pains, weight gain and hormones, illness or disturbed sleep sound familiar. You might be interested in hearing a story about someone who shares your story.

Krissie is a former world competition athlete, now in her late 30s, she’s a Change Manager, business owner and a busy Mum of three.

When Krissie first came to me, she wanted to focus on becoming pain free after competitive sport and carrying children had left her with chronic shoulder, back and hip discomfort.  Her body felt unstable, achy, and prone to being ‘out’.  Having 3 kids didn’t do her core any favours either.

Krissie also talked about some digestive issues she had and her desire to get strong, but the tiredness and pain she experienced was making that really difficult. Krissie suffers endometriosis, which commonly causes digestive and inflammatory problems. Needless to say, all of this affected her ability to train and meet her fitness goals.

Over the last 18 months Krissie’s back, shoulders and hips are stable and she’s building strength and stability again.

She’s pain free and in her words:
“finally able to really enjoy training in sport and know I can do it without suffering aches and pains afterwards. Over the past 18 months, I’ve progressively felt better and better, knowing the changes I’ve made will be long-lasting. Everything has improved; sleep, hormones, endo symptoms, weight loss, increased strength, even my immune system has improved and being pain free has made the progressive training programme well worth it. I’m undoing decades of poor movement habits that have impacted my ability to do even the simplest of things like walking, biking and playing with my kids”.

When we take a 360degree look at health and take the time to find out what’s underneath it all, the solutions can be simple.

If you’ve been suffering from issues like Krissie’s, and you’ve just got used to it or accepted it’s just part of “getting old”, you might like to have a chat about what’s been happening for you.

If 2021 is the year you want to put your health first, to get more energy, get out of pain and get more better results from your exercise, its not to late to get started. I have limited spaces in my diary for new clients so let’s get together to see how I can help.